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Dylan [ dil-uhn ]
Son of the Sea.

The meaning of my name says so much about who I am as a person. For as long as I can remember I have had a profound love for the ocean and its capabilities. Among the many lessons, the sea has taught me, the most important one is to keep your head up and keep paddling.

I consider myself a 'we' not a 'me' type of person. I value teamwork and the effort it takes for individuals to come together and work towards a collective goal, inspiring and motivating each other along the way to achieve that goal.

I excel at utilizing user-centered research methods to define user needs and propose design solutions. I create user flows, journey maps, wireframes, lo-fi prototypes, and mockups to design and test the solutions.

My passion for UX stems from my natural curiosity about people and my ambition to design solutions that provide efficiency in everyday life.

My unofficial profession

Bowling has played a huge role in my life. It's what got me to college, and I've come to understand the sport very well.

This is the SCAD bowling team after winning the 2019 NAIA national title. Won the title 3 years after the team was started. I'm very proud to say I was an original member. Teamwork makes the dream work.


IMG_4428 1.png

My other hobbies

I'm an avid race fan. Mostly NASCAR, but Indycar and Formula 1 are just as exhilarating. You can catch me at the track or on my at-home sim racing rig where I pretend to be a professional driver for an hour or so.

IMG_4510 1.png

Being the son of the sea must mean I'm the cousin of the mountains as well. In a perfect world, I surf and snowboard all in one day, every day. Someday I will live in a perfect world.

IMG_1469 1.png

I love crafting cocktails. One of my favorite activities when the occasion comes. This one here is my favorite. The original gin & juice (lemonade) with a sugar rim.

IMG_0365 2 1.png

Going on adventures is always a blast. I love seeing new places. Traveling around inspires me to live in various locations.

IMG_20180622_120242 1.png

Let's get in touch

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